The Great Oz Eddventure #33 – Dancing Brolga

At Tidbinbilla we have a resident Brolga, and I have heard people saying that they have seen him ‘dance’.  I didn’t quite believe this could be, but this morning I saw the ‘dance’!  The dance consisted of him running around stomping his feet, stretching his wings out repeatedly, whilst all accompanied by his vocal “BRRRRAPK” sound.  Such a fantastic sight I had to create this picture. 

The Great Oz Eddventure #32 – Ringtail Possum Joey

This is my 100th blog post, and what a cute post it is!
At the weekend, Hazel and I had a trip to Sydney.  Returning back to our hotel on Saturday evening we came across a tiny Ringtail Possum joey waddling around the hotels entrance.  Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones who had our eyes on him – there were magpies, crows and mynas all circling around the trees above hoping that the little joey would be their evening meal!
So with the help of the hotel manager we collected the little chap and took him to the nearby vet, as mother possum was nowhere to be seen (so there was no mothers day card for her the next day!!).  This made Hazel’s weekend as she was able to hold him in her hands and he was ever so soft.
We hope he is still doing well!

Koala Mothers Day Card

For Mothers Day in Australia (Sunday 8 May) I wanted to create an image to go on a Mothers Day card for where I work at Tidbinbilla.  The picture would be for the children to colour in and then give to their mums!  This is the picture I created – a Koala with her Joey! 

The Great Oz Eddventure #30 – Wedge Tailed Eagles

Driving to work last Tuesday I came across two Wedge Tailed Eagles sitting on the side of the road.  This is the largest wild flying bird I have ever seen – I was awe struck by it’s presence and size!  Lovely array of dark brown colours, and a pair of piercing eyes.  I just wish I had a moment longer to take a photo of them!

The Great Oz Eddventure #29 – Evolution and the Skiing Kangaroo

Driving home from Tidbinbilla I come across a Kangaroo road sign which has been ‘modified’ to look as if it is skiing – see picture below.  I not only find this comical, but wonder what if evolution makes kangaroos adapt in this way, as snow does appear on the Australian Alps…

The Great Oz Eddventure #28 – Aboriginal Rock Art

Today, Hazel and I went to Yankee Hut in Namadgi Nature Reserve where there is Aboriginal Rock Art.  The rock is on a 2 hour return easy walk, and on route we came across Flamed Robins, Currawongs, Galahs, Magpies, Wattlebirds and an orchestra of frog calls!  The rock itself is large, and I felt very privileged to see the artwork which could be tens of thousands of years old, even more…
You can make out images of kangaroo, turtle, humans, and other shapes to get your imagination going.  This really is another great attraction in Canberra!
I couldn’t believe that you could get so close to such a relic – I thought there would have been a glass barrier for such ancient artwork.
This great experience was unfortunately tarred by finding the odd bits of litter on the floor, and wondered who could do such a mindless act?
Though leaving the Rock Art, I wondered if any other rocks in the region have art on them too….  Did they only paint one rock in this location?
Pictures of the rock art:

The Great Oz Eddventure #27 – Naked Eye Vs Binoculars

I have just treated myself to a pair of binoculars and what a fantastic difference they make.  It now opens up a whole new level of bird spotting.  It also amazes me how with the naked eye you cannot see the vibrance of colours, shapes and textures that binoculars help you to see.
When I used my binoculars for the first time at Tidbinbilla I saw a red speck on a tree above me, and when I used my binoculars it turned out to be the beautiful Flamed Robin, so I couldn’t help to illustrate this when I got home.