Australian Superhero – The Magpie

When I eat my lunch at Tidbinbilla, there is always a friendly magpie that comes to join me hoping for a crumb.  He walks around strutting his chest, owning the picnic area as his territory.  This gave me inspiration for a superhero that knows his territory.
Majority of people know magpies as swooping birds protecting their nesting area within the breeding season, and cyclists have often felt their strong beaks hitting their cycling helmets.  A superhero should be able to be fearless like this towards his enemies. 

So here he is – The Australian Magpie as a superhero.  He has an ‘M’ on his chest and three-pronged weapons in each hand to resemble the magpie’s claws.  Then maybe he could even be a part of The ACT Squad.  Enjoy..

The Great Oz Eddventure #40 – Bats in the tree

Last week, approaching midnight one evening, we heard some strange high pitch cackling noises outside.  We had heard these noises for the past couple of nights so we were intrigued to find out what was making the noises; we ventured outside and saw some shapes moving around and within a tree.  But we weren’t the only ones intrigued – a couple of our neighbours also emerged outside to have a look too!
With torches and binoculars we soon realised that the shapes were bats, and large ones at that!  We couldn’t get that clearer a look at them, but assumed they must be Fruit Bats/Flying Foxes.  It felt great to have these creatures in our back yard!!
But come the next night they had vanished and we have not seen them since…

World Environment Day Colouring in Competition for Tidbinbilla

Tomorrow is World Environment Day, and my colleagues at Tidbinbilla asked me to create a colouring in competition, yay!!  So I created the above picture displaying a variety of local birds within their own environment (on the tree, on the water, and on the land).

What is even better is that WED donate $10 to help the gorillas with every activity that gets registered on their website.  And as you must know by now is that I love gorillas so this is such a welcome bonus for creating the activity, as it goes to such a fantastic cause.

So I hope that you all have a great World Environment Day tomorrow!

The Great Oz Eddventure #39 – Australian War Memorial

About a month ago we visited the Australian War Memorial.  I had heard it was a huge building with so much displayed within it that it would take days to take it all in.  I didn’t think this would be true, but you soon realise the grandeur of the building, as it houses airplanes, model displays, cinematic screens and a vast amount of memorabilia of war collections.
We went on a Monday morning and joined a guided tour (thanks to Ken J for his tour, who is also a Volunteer where I work at Tidbinbilla) which was excellent to hear about all the collections and to be shown the main points of interests.  As you follow the group, you pass by other areas which you don’t get to see, otherwise the tour would have lasted several months and not the hour and a half.  At the end of the tour you come to the Light and Show display featuring the airplanes of World War Two – this is definitely worth seeing.  I also enjoyed the model dioramas of World War One, as it really helps you to imagine the horrific scenes.  Don’t forget to also see the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Two moments of the day gave me most inspiration – poppies that have been placed in the Roll of Honour gave a striking view as they made the plaque wall become a sideways landscape of red; and the playing of the Last Post at the Closing Ceremony which they have everyday, and on this occasion torrential rain came in half way through adding to the ambient atmosphere.  I then set about combining these two moments into a picture, which proving tricky at first, I finally came round to completing the image today, a month later!
So after our first visit realising how much we hadn’t seen and how much we wanted to revisit, we decided to go back again the next day! I would definitely recommend a visit to The Australian War Memorial whether you are visiting Canberra or live in Canberra.
Poppies on the Roll of Honour.
The Last Post at the Closing Ceremony.

The Great Oz Eddventure #37 – Wedge Tailed Eagles second appearance

Driving to work on Monday morning I was lucky again to see a Wedge Tailed Eagle at the side of the road munching on something dead.  I stopped as quick as I could.  I fumbled around in my bag trying to find my camera, and in my excitement my lunch just spilled out instead!  Once I got my camera and out of the car, the Wedgy had started to fly away!  It flew into the distance to join another one on a branch, and inspired me to do this half silhouette picture.
I must remember to have my camera ready and within grabbing distance, as I especially want a picture of these Wedgies!