Author: edd

New Project

5 December 2008All the pages have now been inked – wahoo! Now it’s on to the lettering, a lot of rubbing out pencils, and creating front and back covers.. (this is a shorter 14 page cute little story!)20 November 2008Pencilled layouts have now been completed! Time to start making the finished pages…10 November 2008My next…


Postcards that I used to flyer BICS with. Will also flyer Thought Bubble with them. The Grilla collection: comic, bag, t-shirt (male and female) and postcard. I proudly wore this t shirt at Birmingham International Comics show, and will wear it once again at Thought Bubble in Leeds.

Bacteria Boy

Bacteria Boy was created for Matt Lakins, who is a Microbiologist at the Univeristy of York.Matt quotes: “That’s bloody brilliant” to the original concept and “this once again is truly awesome” for the updated version including Leish Lady.He uses them both for his facebook profile picture.