The Great Oz Edventure #18 – Tasmania Devils

We have just been to Tasmania, and I must say it is a beautiful place.  The landscapes change from rainforests up in Cradle Mountain to various dry desolate suburbs, where the colours change remarkably to reflect this.  There was plenty of wildlife around to keep us occupied with – pademelons, possums, and even fairy penguins coming to shore at Bicheno.  I was hoping to come across some Tasie Devils, but with their numbers in decline we unfortunately weren’t lucky to spot them.
However, we did see one when we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, and here is a picture of him:

The Great Ox Eddventure #17 – Wallaby Cross Fostering part 2

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Since I saw the cross fostering operation at Tidbinbilla where I work, I have been wondering how the Southern Brush Tail Wallaby knows that he/she is a Brush Tail and not a Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby like it’s Foster mother.
Well, at the weekend I joined our volunteer’s training program and got a look behind the scenes at the Captive Breeding Building where the foster wallabys are with their fostered joeys.
Hear I heard that when the joeys leave their foster mother’s pouch, the staff collect the joeys and place them altogether in their own enclosure.  That way all the Brush Tails are together and all grow up together, so have no lingering thoughts of being a Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby.
And the foster mother?  She is now ready to take on board another Brush Tail joey and the cycle continues..

The Great Oz Eddventure #16 – Pizza Time

I couldn’t resist making myself a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for my blog post about pizza.  Please ignore the splodgy effect of my black pen, as I made this picture whilst waiting at Sydney’s Harbour edge on New Years Eve for the fireworks, so this is all I could manage in my sketchbook.
Anyway, it is incredible that we have travelled half way across the world, and we have found two restaurants that create the most amazing gourmet style pizzas that we have ever had.  So I thought I would recommend them here for anyone looking for pizza in Canberra.
They are Debacle and Caffe Ravello.  I will say that Debacle has 2 for 1 on Monday and Tuesdays! 

So you may see us in either of them in the near future…!

The Great Oz Eddventure #15 – Total Fireban

When the weather reaches a certain high temperature and has a certain wind speed the ACT government issues a total fireban so that small fires could not become a bush fire.
Working at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve we have to follow this strictly, and actually close the reserve on total fireban days.  This is for public safety as there is only one way out of the reserve which would create a bottle neck should a fire occur.
I just thought that I would mention this as a lot of people were surprised why we were closed on Australia Day.