“Every Tree Needs A (Koala) Star” – Christmas Card 2017

Every tree needs a star cute koala christmas card

And let me present to you this years cute Australian wildlife Christmas card – “Every Tree Needs A Star”!

The iconic star of the Australian bush is the koala and the conservation message is that koalas needs trees and in a time of deforestation and habitat loss they are becoming an endangered species.

So I would just like to raise some awareness for our cute little koala this Christmas.

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Cute Australian Wildlife Greeting Cards

Cute australian wildlife greeting Cards

In addition to my Christmas Greeting Cards, there is also the option of greeting cards featuring my range of cute illustrated Australian Wildlife designs that feature koalas, possums and long necked turtles.

Great for Christmas, birthdays or any greeting you would like for all Aussie Wildlife lovers!

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Cute Australian Wildlife Mugs

Cute australian wildlife Mugs


Another awesome product that I like are the mugs.  I think my cute illustrated Australian wildlife designs look really cool on a mug – what do you reckon?

The attached image showcases mugs from my RedBubble shop featuring my adorable koala and possum characters.

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Cute Australian Wildlife Clothing for Kids and Babies

Cute australian wildlife clothing for Baby kids

Another product range I am often asked about is kids and babies clothes.  Well I can confirm that my cute Australian wildlife designs featuring koalas and possums are available on kids t-shirts and baby grows and tees.

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Cute Australian Wildlife Christmas Cards

Cute australian wildlife Christmas Cards

Ooh this week I have sold a few Possum Christmas Cards already so now is a great time for me to show you my selection of cute Australian wildlife Christmas cards.  My illustrated range features koalas and possums.

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Cute Sleeping Koala Pyjamas

Cute Sleeping Koala Pyjamas


!! Cute Sleeping Koala Pyjamas !!

I am often asked if there are pyjamas with my cute Aussie wildlife characters on. And yes, over in my CafePress store you can get pyjamas featuring all my designs on. In the attached image you can see a selection of the pyjamas featuring the very cute sleepy koala – perfect for sleepy people!

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Cute Australian Wildlife November Newsletter and Dates for Calendar

November Calendar cute Australian Wildlife cartoon illustration

November is here and in the calendar this month is the adorable Ringo and Ringlet the Ringtail Possums in their tree hollow.  To see the full calendar please click here.

Today I have sent out my November newsletter providing all the latest news from my cute little world of Australian wildlife characters.  To subscribe please click here.

Some interesting dates to note for your calendar are:

4th November – Ace Comics Drawing Group
20th November – Pollinator Week

Third koala (sketch) in three days at Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

cute koala sketch brisbane

koala photo whites hill reserve brisbane


I feel very lucky to have seen my third koala in three days at Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane.  From seeing non for months and then suddenly three it was very exciting.  I hope I continue to see them again.

As always, I had to sketch the cute little marsupial.