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Facebook Application

Hi all, For all those facebook users, please feel free to use my new exciting facebook application, where you can send Minster Man, Grilla and other various images to all your friends! Here is the link: And also not to forget my facebook page and become a fan of that too! Enjoy!

New Project

5 December 2008All the pages have now been inked – wahoo! Now it’s on to the lettering, a lot of rubbing out pencils, and creating front and back covers.. (this is a shorter 14 page cute little story!)20 November 2008Pencilled layouts have now been completed! Time to start making the finished pages…10 November 2008My next…


Postcards that I used to flyer BICS with. Will also flyer Thought Bubble with them. The Grilla collection: comic, bag, t-shirt (male and female) and postcard. I proudly wore this t shirt at Birmingham International Comics show, and will wear it once again at Thought Bubble in Leeds.

Bacteria Boy

Bacteria Boy was created for Matt Lakins, who is a Microbiologist at the Univeristy of York.Matt quotes: “That’s bloody brilliant” to the original concept and “this once again is truly awesome” for the updated version including Leish Lady.He uses them both for his facebook profile picture.