Eat Sleep Repeat: New Cute Koala Merchandise Digitally Coloured

Eat Sleep Reapeat Cute Koala illustration Merchandise design

Eat Sleep Repeat Cute Koala Coloured

Further to yesterdays drawing of my new merchandise design ‘Eat Sleep Repeat’ featuring my cute koala cartoon character here it is scanned in and digitally coloured using Photoshop and now ready to upload on to merchandise.

I’ll show the merchandise tomorrow so please come back to have a look…

Eat Sleep Repeat: Cute Koala New Merchandise Design Illustration

Eat Sleep Reapeat Cute Koala illustration Merchandise design

Eat Sleep Repeat Cute Koala Merch Design

Here is the drawing design for this months merchandise featuring my very cute koala cartoon character in three panels titled ‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat’ as that is what this little marsupial loves to do best!

Tomorrow I will show you the design digitally coloured… 

Cute Koala with Hearts Illustrated Cushion

Cushion Cue koala with hearts illustration

Cute Koala Cushion

Now doesn’t that sofa chair look extra comfy with a cute koala cushion?  The koala is so comfy he is having a snooze 🙂

This is the latest customer provided photo of my merchandise featuring the very popular and cute sleeping koala on a tree with hearts for leaves.

To see the full range of products please click here…

Stay tuned because new merchandise is coming this weekend..!

Groot with Koala (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy exhibition at GOMA, Brisbane)

Marvel GOMA Brisbane Groot and Koala

Groot with Koala

As soon as I saw Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy at the Marvel Creating the Cinematic Universe at GOMA, Brisbane, I knew I needed to create this picture.

Groot, being a tree, just had to have a koala on him!  And in such a great pose, my little koala just fitted perfectly hugging his arm.

Cute or what?  Maybe Groot could be the Guardian of the Koalas?

Pictures from the Marvel Exhibition at GOMA, Brisbane

Marvel GOMA Brisbane

Marvel GOMA Brisbane The Avengers Marvel GOMA Brisbane Spider-Man Marvel GOMA Brisbane Storyboards Marvel GOMA Brisbane Ant Man train set Marvel GOMA Brisbane Iron Man Marvel GOMA Brisbane Loki Marvel GOMA Brisbane Iron Man Arm

Marvel GOMA Brisbane Artist Work Area

Photos from GOMA’s Marvel Exhibition

With the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group on Sunday we visited the Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art.  If you love the superhero movies then you will love this – the exhibition features a whole range of costumes, props, movie clips and scenery from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.  

Here are a selection of my favourite photos showing costumes, artwork, artist work space, and even the awesome train set from Ant Man!

VIDEO: Awesome Drawing Broad from Marvel Exhibition at GOMA, Brisbane

How Cool is this Drawing Board?

On Sunday I visited the Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, and one display was this awesome drawing board offering an animation featuring snippets of concept background artwork.

Very mesmerising and inspiring!

Now I just need to work on making my drawing board look like this… 🙂

My Drawings from Ace Comics June Meetup Group

Teenage Mutant Ninja Long Necked Turtles illustration with pizza Sketches at Ace Comics Annerley Drawing Group meetup by Edd Cross Teenage Mutant Ninja Long Necked Turtles illustration

Ace Comics June Meetup

On Saturday I joined the Ace Comics drawing group in Annerley.  This was the first time I went to this and was great to meet other illustrators, including people I’d met before at expos.

I drew two pages.  One included Ringo the Ringtail Possum and other characters of mine, but after we ordered pizza for lunch, I soon got in to a turtles mode and created the Australian version – Teenage Mutant Ninja Long Necked Turtles!! 

Comic Expos in July Confirmed!

Edd Cross Illustrator cute australian wildlife at Comic St Brisbane

!! Comic Expos in July !!

Wahoo I’ve been confirmed to attend two comic expos in July!

On the 1st is Comic Market Place at Garden City Library (Click here for the Facebook Event Page)

And on 29th July is the annual Comic St in Brisbane which attended last year (Click here for the website)

Will you be there?

Can’t wait to display my Ringo the Ringtail Possum Comics and cute Aussie wildlife character greeting cards.

Black Metal Conservation Koalas – Welcome to Hell Reserve

Black Metal Conservation Koalas - Hell Reserve

Black Metal Conservation Koalas – Welcome to Hell Reserve

Here is something a little bit different!  It’s something I created a little while ago, and the characters keep appearing from time to time in my sketchbook.  As I am going to see a band tonight it has put me in the mood to finally share this with you.  For those who know me I like listening to an extreme version of heavy metal called black metal which for the most part has great gothic clothing and war paint but song content is an acquired taste haha.

Since I have been witnessing the destruction of a small section of land clearing at Whites Hill Reserve has been having, I have noticed a decline in my koala sightings which is really sad.  So I thought about this habitat destruction and wondered if the koalas could be brought back from the dead – and if so what songs would they sing to spread the word of their decline?  So I designed three koalas in black metal attire with their first album called ‘Welcome to Hell Reserve’ to sing about their frustrations of losing their habitat, and that they are back to protect it.