Profile picture of Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross

About Me

I just love to draw, sketch and digitally colour, and everywhere I go I always take my sketchbook with me as I am addicted to drawing everyday as I focus on creating cute and original illustrations.

I am a self taught artist being inspired everyday by the wildlife, nature and environment of Australia.

I have two main characters. One is Ringo the Ringtail Possum who you will see throughout my blog along with his cute Australian wildlife friends, and he has also featured in two mini comics – Ringo and Roobot, and Life on the Line. The other is Canary Fan who is inspired by fusing my passion for bird spotting and supporting Norwich City Football Club (the Canaries) – to see the match day cartoons please click here for Canary Fan’s website.

I have been privileged to provide illustrations to a variety of organisations including the Australian Koala Foundation and Brisbane City council.  To see these works and others please visit my portfolio page.

If you require a cartoon or illustration please contact me.